Source code of FontRouter is released under Apache License 2.0

FontRouter is an open font rasterizer plug-in (also called “font driver”) for Symbian. It is started about 4 years ago, initially for improving the Chinese font support on Symbian.

With more than 3 years’ development, FontRouter extended its functionality to language-neutral & UI-independent and give user more controls over font mechanism on Symbian, such as loading 3rd-party font file, font substitution, size adjustment.

For some personal reasons, FontRouter project was discontinued for more than one year, but many users still kept writing to me for suggestion and bug report in these days. Since I can’t face their expectation, I decided to open source and wish it a better future.

As discussed and reconsidered carefully, I released the source code under Apache License 2.0, but not GPL. I hope someone or even some commercial company could continue or derive from this project and present a quality production for the Symbian community.

If you are considering continuing this project or deriving from it, please mail to me, and I will give my support.


At present, source code is hosted on Google Code:

《Source code of FontRouter is released under Apache License 2.0》有20个想法

  1. 首先感谢oasisfeng的工作。下载了下,但针对S60 3rd编译时,发现其中有诸如CFontStore的类,调用了private成员,请问如何解决。

  2. hi!!!
    firstly, big thanks for public your source code of FontRouter
    I’ve a question:
    FontRouter didn’t work if I put it on z path. How can I do it?

    p/s: sorry, my language

    1. FontRouter can only be installed on drive C or E. Do you mean drive E? Some models of Symbian phones cannot load system drivers from drive E. This is a hardware limitation.


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