Free Life-Time Unique IP @ Dreamhost

Since most Dreamhost promo codes give you one time discount, which only affect the cost of the first time. This promo code gives you not only one time $50 discount, but also free LIFE-TIME Unique IP which would otherwise cost you $47.4 / year without this promo code. If you are not using this promo code at sign-up, you never have a second chance to get this promotion for your already hosted site.

Promo code show

In plain terms, if you buy one year shared host at Dreamhost,

without any promo code, you will pay $119.4

with a usual promo code, you only pay $69.4 ($119.4 – $50).

with promo code LIFETIMEIP, you only pay $69.4, and get free life-time unique IP! (Save $47.4 / year additionally)

Start your Dreamhost journey from a winning start now!

Sign up @ Dreamhost with LIFETIMEIP


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