How to use unpublicized APIs in Symbian

1. Why are these APIs unpublicized?

You can usually find the unpublicized APIs in four ways:

  1. APIs are written in SDK document, but marked as “Published Partner” or “Internal”.
  2. APIs are declared in header file with corresponding linkable library, but not documented.
  3. APIs are dumped from linkable library, but nowhere declared.
  4. APIs are exported from dynamic libraries without corresponding linkable library.

* “Linkable library” is a stub library which hold the information required for the linker to link client programs to the correct ordinals to the real dll. In emulator build or Symbian pre-9 toolchain, the linkable library is appeared as .lib file, but in target build of Symbian 9 onwards, it is actually a dummy dynamic library of ELF format with extension .dso.

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