Open Font Rasterizer in Symbian 9

In the great changes of Symbian 9, most plug-in interfaces have been migrated to ECOM framework, Open Font Rasterizer (OFS for short) interface is just one of them.

Even from the newest SDK document of Symbian 9.2, the OFS related contents are still only for implementation before version 9. The following changes must be considered if you are writing OFS plug-in or porting it to Symbian 9.
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FontRouter2前瞻之三 —— 重铸核心 海纳百川


  如果将以往FontRouter的核心机制称作“替代式 (Override)”的话,那么FontRouter2所采用的则是“插入式 (Injection)”。技术层面的东西说起来比较晦涩,就让我们看看新内核所带来的变化吧。

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